You started your creative business because you want to be inspired every day. 

I know you’re passionate about creating bespoke experiences that make your clients light up at the sight of your hard work – it’s the essence of what drives you. With so many new ideas to grow and scale your business, the hustle often starts to wear you down before you can bring them to fruition.

Perhaps you are:

· Missing opportunities to sign your ideal clients, because your workflow is lacking – or worse, non-existent.

· Holding back on charging what you believe your education, talent and experience can command, because you’re nervous the market won’t accept your pricing.

· Struggling to build a pipeline of clients
who can’t wait to work with you.

· Craving the freedom and flexibility that motivated you to start your own company, but most days, it feels like
your schedule is running you!

· Create goals that never manifest because you just can’t seem to put the implementation in place to make them happen.

To recover, I had to ensure the systems and routines I created within my business plan allowed me – no, required – me to thrive. As a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses, I have reached that place – a place where my family, my health and my drive to succeed are in harmonious alignment. And hindsight shows me that there just isn’t room to live any other way. I want to share what it’s like to find and revel in a balanced professional reputation, one that doesn’t require a sacrifice of everything that is most important to you.
In a competitive marketplace diversity is your greatest strength. You don’t stand out in a crowd if you’re caught up in being the same. Let’s work together to uncover what makes your brand unique and build a process that helps you stand out from your competitors.

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Guess what – I’ve been there – where you are right now: overworked, stressed out and on the edge of burnout ...