April 28, 2019

A Conversation With Carrylove Designs

Amanda Shuman is the Founder of Carrylove Designs, where she help creatives pair beautiful brand design with an intentional website strategy so they can book more clients and make more money doing what they love. She believes that a thoughtfully crafted brand can help all of us attract more ideal clients effortlessly while taking our businesses to the next level.


What was your biggest struggle when you started and how did you overcome it?

My biggest struggle when starting Carrylove Designs was gaining traction. Half extrovert and half introvert — An ambivert, as some call it — I love connecting with people one-on-one. I knew in order to sell someone my service I had to get on the phone and have a genuine conversation with them. To overcome that, I tailored my entire client experience and process to highlight my strengths. Starting from the point someone fills out my contact form. After they click ‘Submit’, it automatically re-directs them to schedule a video call with me. From there, the Signature Brand Experience is very high touch-point and allows me to build a relationship with each client. After the work is through they tell everyone about Carrylove Designs because I’m now a friend. It wasn’t just a transaction. 


What is your signature service or attribute that set you a part in your market?

My Signature Brand Experience is my Brand and Showit website design package. The experience has been tailored to meet every need of a creative. Each brand is curated to speak to and attract their ideal client. From Instagram to the words written on their website — nothing is overlooked. As a business owner, I understand monthly cash flow. So our monthly payment plan is something my clients’ value because it allows them to invest in their brand without having to break the bank at one time.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Even though my title is Brand Strategist and Designer my job is to transform creatives businesses and income. The thing I enjoy most is when clients tell me about how investing in their brand up-leveled their business. Like a single mom who made over $7K within a week of launching her website or a photographer who booked her dream event after the experience. That’s the absolute best part.

What are your 3 must have business automation or workflow tools?

Planoly for Instagram. I wouldn’t know what to do without having all of my posts planned out in advance.

Loom for sharing videos with my clients. I use it daily to communicate visually with my clients.

Trello to help manage my client projects. I organize everything in Trello. Even my family has a Trello board dedicated to goals and housekeeping.


What is your favorite business book that you have read in the past year?

I really enjoyed You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. It really uncovered myths about money from childhood or things there were affecting me subconsciously from earning what I deserved.


What do you wish you would have known when you started your business?

Owning a business takes sacrifice. I jokingly call Carrylove Designs my firstborn because I have dedicated a lot of sleepless nights, early morning and unconditional love to my business.

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