I want to empower other creative business owners to grow profitable, authentic and fulfilling businesses.

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·               proven insider strategies and skills to grow and scale your business

· Tap into a                of creative service providers and event planners for peer support and collaboration opportunities

·             what you learn in real time,
more efficient than any self-led course in the market




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Understanding the importance of community connections and hands-on learning, this is not a course but a group mentorship program, by application only, where you have the chance to work on your own business while supporting and collaborating with others in your cohort.  
Instead of attending lengthy workshops where you only learn about business principles, this program lets you immediately implement what you learn so that you can start to build and grow your business in real time – seeing what you learn put into action. It also gives you access to two-way communication with and the support of your peers and leader.
Michelle Gainey has owned several creative businesses for more than 13 years. After mastering the art of high-end event planning, lifestyle expertise and raising a family, she is taking everything she’s learned and sharing it with aspiring creative business owners, because she knows the industry is only as strong as its members.

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